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Mikrotik has remained a constant amongst Indian ISP and WSP business firms since almost two decades, hence it would be needless to introduce Mikrotik. So let’s get started with who we are. Firstly, we are driven by gaining and sharing the knowledge about networking and Mikrotik products. Networking and Routing are not just empty phrases for us. They are vital for us and to the ISP and WISP using the same as well. Plus, we are not money-mad folks so we do not intend to pile up our stocks.

In-Short, MTINDIA design, implement and support networks that uses products from Mikrotik and from other vendors as well. Most importantly, we, here at MTINDIA have also started India’s first 24/7/365 MikroTik Technical Support Center. We are happy to offer our premium support without any cost via our auto- generating ticket system. Our network engineers are among the best in the business with adequate field experience in WISP and wire line service providers in India. They have acquired significant command for managing enterprise’s cloud data centers over the years.

Our Services

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    Mikrotik Support

    MTIndia offers high-end Mikrotik support to its registered users and clients. We are capable to setup various kind of server tunneling and hotspot. Our company is handling and running Mikrotik networks for more than five years and with that, we can help you the best.

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    ISP Network Design

    Our team can design significantly reliable and the most affordable networks for any environment such as offices, homes or even for the entire commercial building. If you wish to start your own ISP or WSP, our high-end services are best for you. We are capable of planning and designing network systems using Mikrotik, Ubiquiti, EnGenius, TP-LINK, Air Pro, Cisco, Palo-alto, Juniper, Radware networks.

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    ISP Troubleshooting

    Sometimes ISP and WSP have to face complex situations due to network problems. We can help you get pass these situations with our team of experts. All you need to do is get in touch with us and relax. We will do all the troubleshooting and give you the optimum solutions.

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    Wireless Support

    If you are a WISP, links are always profitable for your business. You can’t give enough services with faulty wireless configuration. MTIndia can give you wireless support to your existing system and can also provide prime suggestions for upgrading the system. We can gather info about your links, analyze that data and setup some finest Wireless links.
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    Radius Support

    Nowadays separate Radius system has become a fundamental requirement for ISPs and WISPs. Radius servers not only create, authenticate and manage users but also make the task more user friendly and easier to operate .

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    Firewall Setup

    Internet is not as safe and secure place as everyone believes. If you do not proceed carefully, the consequences might be disastrous. You are likely to encounter numerous technical issues if your network is vulnerable. We have expertise in avoiding such threats by building an unbreakable firewall to ensure the safety and security of your network




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In our work we try to use only the most modern, convenient and interesting solutions. We make sure that the services you receive from us should be unique and uninterrupted.

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Our Team

mtindia Mikrotik India Support

Nikunj Rachhadiya


Nikunj is our director and also one of the Mikrotik certified consultants in India . He is the mind behind our firm MTINDIA . He is capable of troubleshooting most complex network problems. He is the head of our tech team.

mtindia Mikrotik India Support

Ruchit Rachhadiya


Ruchit is also an engineer with excellent managing skills. He looks after all the support and sales communication. Good communication is beneficial for both us and our customers and he always done his part.

mtindia Mikrotik India Support

Keval Acharya

Network Deigner

Keval is an expert network designer. What he does best is planning and designing a network with the most reliable solutions in an affordable manner with products ranging from mikrotik to any other network systems.

mtindia Mikrotik India Support

Samik Lakum

Network Expert

Samik is our technical expert with extraordinary mindset and adequate experience to tackle any network query. He believes that the key to find the optimum solution is brainstorming the ideas and selecting the most convenient one.


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In our routine work, we try to use only the most modern, convenient and interesting solutions.
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